Strong structures and stackable shapes form a solid base for Structo. The straightforward robust design found its inspiration in the building and architecture industry. All products are made from durable porcelain based on a gray clay formula and finished with a reactive glaze, which results in beautiful soft shades of brown.


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Structo Porcelain Bowl 2.4" / 2.5ozStructo Porcelain Bowl 2.4" / 2.5oz
Structo Porcelain Bowl 4.3" / 11.8ozStructo Porcelain Bowl 4.3" / 11.8oz
Structo Porcelain Deep Plate 8.7"Structo Porcelain Deep Plate 8.7"
Structo Porcelain Bowl 5.5" / 34ozStructo Porcelain Bowl 5.5" / 34oz
Structo Porcelain Bowl 2.8" / 3.7ozStructo Porcelain Bowl 2.8" / 3.7oz
Structo Porcelain Platter 8.7"x3.9"Structo Porcelain Platter 8.7"x3.9"
Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 9.5"Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 9.5"
Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.0"Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.0"
Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 8.1"Structo Porcelain Coupe Plate 8.1"