Brass found its inspiration in the Middle East. The robust design with metallic
look and hammered texture is the perfect match for fresh, flavorful food. Every piece
has subtle nuancesin finishing and is made from durable high-quality porcelain.
Go for a stylish one-color set-up or mix and match the copper and silver colors for
a more playful presentation.


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Brass Porcelain Bowl 4.5" / 10oz
Brass Porcelain Deep Plate 10.2"Brass Porcelain Deep Plate 10.2"
Brass Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.8"Brass Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.8"
Brass Porcelain Bowl 6.0" / 20oz
Brass Porcelain Coupe Plate 8.8"
Brass Porcelain Coupe Plate 6.1"Brass Porcelain Coupe Plate 6.1"