Its innovative metallic look is what makes the Oxido collection so special. Powerful
blacktones alternate with a glimpse of metallic grey, giving the collection a luxurious
appearance.The strong robust design accentuates the durability. Coupled with great
functionality, this porcelain beauty is perfect for intense use. Thanks to the finish with
reactive glazes, every product is unique in its details.


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Oxido Porcelain Bowl 9.1" / 45.9ozOxido Porcelain Bowl 9.1" / 45.9oz
Oxido Porcelain Bowl 7.1" / 29.1ozOxido Porcelain Bowl 7.1" / 29.1oz
Oxido Porcelain Platter 8.7"x3.9"Oxido Porcelain Platter 8.7"x3.9"
Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.2"Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.2"
Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.3"Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.3"
Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 8.3"Oxido Porcelain Coupe Plate 8.3"