Halo combines intense warm seashell-colored notes with a deep ocean blue
reactive glaze radiating from the center of the plate. The asymmetrical beams
and sloping surface take you straight to majestic coral reefs. Both round and oval
porcelain shapes guarantee an eye-catching dining experience.


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Halo Porcelain Platter 10.0"x6.7"Halo Porcelain Platter 10.0"x6.7"
Halo Porcelain Bowl 11.8" / 57ozHalo Porcelain Bowl 11.8" / 57oz
Halo Porcelain Bowl 9.5" / 33.8ozHalo Porcelain Bowl 9.5" / 33.8oz
Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.0"Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 11.0"
Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.0"Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 10.0"
Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 7.9"Halo Porcelain Coupe Plate 7.9"
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